The Power of Light & Wishes

Lighting one of our sentimental candles is the perfect way to mark a symbolic moment or occasion, allowing you to make a wish and bring illumination into your life.

For millennia the use of ceremonial flame has served as an important element of many cultures and religions throughout the world; candles are often lit with positive intention in remembrance of a person with the flame signifying the importance of an occasion or special event.  

The lighting of candles can be an incredibly powerful ritual; warmth and light are the foundations of life whilst fire holds a special place within our consciousness, collectively creating the perfect setting for us to visualise our desires and make a special wish.

Candlelight can transform an atmosphere, creating a positive sense of significance and occasion.

No matter whatever your beliefs, the symbolism of the flame can have its own significance that is personal to you; from lighting to remember loved ones no longer with us, to celebrating a new job or moving into a new home, the light created and wishes made represent those special moments for you to remember.