The power of light and wishes

For millennia the use of ceremonial flame has served as an important element of many cultures throughout the world. Used to signify symbolic moments, occasions or important events, the light from a candle holds a special place within our consciousness and creates the perfect setting for us to visualise our thoughts and deepest wishes.

Whilst candles through the ages were used to create an illumination source for daily living, we cannot underestimate the true power the offer to the inner being.

The lighting of candles can be an incredibly powerful ritual, warmth and light are the foundations of life with the gentle ambiance of candlelight transforming an atmosphere, creating a positive sense of significance and occasion.

Regardless of your beliefs, the symbolism of the flame can have its own significance that is personal to you; from lighting to remember loved ones no longer with us, to celebrating a new job or moving into a new home, the light created and wishes made represent those special moments for you to remember.

Our range of sentimental candles are the perfect gift for you or loved ones to mark a symbolic moment or occasion, allowing you to make a wish and bring illumination into your life.