Candle burning basics - ways to care for your candle.

So you’re the proud owner of a stunning candle which smells amazing and burns bright - that’s what candles do, right? You’ll be surprised the various factors that can impact your candle, here we discuss ways to make your candle last longer, burn safely for your enjoyment.

Candle safety

First things first, observe safety considerations; these may seem like common sense but can often be overlooked.

Ensure your burning candle is placed on a level, fire resistant surface which cannot be knocked or nudged. Unlike ‘wee willy winky’, do not handle or transport your candle once lit and maintain its stationary position.

 Keep away from draughts or air currents

Never burn your candle near flammable materials such as furniture, fabric, bedding, carpets, curtains or paper and keep the candle melt pool free from any debris including matches and wick trimmings.

Ensure your lit candle is kept well out of reach of children or mischievous pets and never, ever leave a burning candle unattended, ensuring you extinguish your candle after use, preferably with a ‘wick snuffer’.

Never light your candle if the glassware is chipped or cracked and do not burn it all the way the base, when your candle has approximately 1cm of wax remaining we recommend to stop burning it.

Trimming the wick
An effective burn starts with trimming your candles wick to approximately 5mm each time before burning. An untrimmed wick has the potential to burn faster - giving a shorter burn time as well as creating black soot marks on the sides of the glassware.

If you don't trim your wick and soot does develop on the inside of the glassware, simply wipe away with a dampened cloth, once the candle has been extinguished and wax has solidified. 

By comparison, don’t be tempted to trim the wick too short as this may result in a small flame with a small melt pool, resulting in the wax tunnelling and wasted aromatic wax around the edge of the glass.

Burning time
A burning candle melts and creates a 'melt pool' where the wax will reach the edge of the glass. If your candle is blown out before the melt pool has reached the edges of the glass, upon the next burn you may find your candle only melts from where you last burned it and can create a ‘tunnel’ effect, wasting wax around the edge of the glass. and reducing the burn time, shortening your candles life.

We recommend to only burn your candle for a maximum of 4 hours at a time as the glassware can become hot.